FT Island’s Leader Choi Jong Hoon has shown off his chocolate abs!

Just yesterday, on the 21st, he uploaded his picture on twitter with the caption “I’m ready. Are you ready? Please wait just a little more. :)”

He is mentioning his chocolate abs because last year, he made a promise on “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” radio program with the other FT Island members that he will show his abs at a concert in 2012.

On this day, he commented “I want to show that not only do dance groups have great bodies, but people in bands can also have great bodies. That’s why I’m working out a lot with Hong Ki.” Lee Hong Ki promised, “I’ll work out really hard with Jong Hoon so that next year, we can be topless during our 2 hour concert and show off our abs.”

FT Island has a solo concert “Take FT Island” this September 1st and 2nd at Seoul’s Olympic Hall.