Idol band F.T. Island has risen to popularity after their final Japanese concert tickets sold out in just 12 minutes. The new feat has definitely marked them as an A-Class group. 

F.T. Island started Japanese promotions on the 29th of last month with 2011 SUMMER TOUR Messenger . Their last concert’s tickets, held in Budokan Hall, were opened to the public on the 2nd and were sold out in a flash. 

F.T. Island crossed over to Japan and debuted there four years ago, and have created a fan base there. With active promotions and many hits reaching Japan, they are considered as one of the more powerful idol groups. 

Regarding this news, their agency FNC Music stated, “F.T. Island recently reached first place in Oricon’s weekly charts, receiving much love from their Japanese fans.” They continued, “When news of the twelve minute sell-out reached the members, they were very happy and overjoyed.”

F.T. Island will head over to Korea soon and on the 21st and 22nd of next month, and will hold a two-day concert named PLAY FTISLAND. 

Source: Newsen