FT Islands’s vocalist, Lee Hong Ki, celebrated his birthday on March 2. In response to all the birthday wishes from his fans, Lee Hong Ki released a video of him singing a song of appreciation. Various online communities have been buzzing with Lee Hong Ki’s video, keeping fans wondering what song he is singing.

You can check out Lee Hong Ki’s appreciation video to the fans here.

In the video, Lee Hong Ki is singing to a cheerful and lovely melody. The words to the song goes: “It’s like a dream so I keep smiling all day long. It’s like a dream so I pinch my cheeks. It’s like a dream to have you come to me. It’s like a dream.” At the end of the video, he tells FT Island’s fan club members, “Our Primodonna (FT Island’s fan club), I am always thankful and I love you.”

Many netizens who have found this video commented, “What is the title of this song?” “This song is so good,” “I am so touched. I love you too,” and “I love the song and I love Lee Hong Ki.”

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