FT Island‘s upcoming concert in Taiwan “Play! FT Island“s tickets sold out within 10 minutes after sales began. “Play! FT Island” is a large scale concert that will hold up to 8,000 people in the audience at once. Taiwan Warner Music commented, “FT Island’s popularity in Taiwan is almost overwhelming. All tickets sold out within 10 minutes. Everyone is really excited for this concert.”   

FT Island topped 10 major music charts in Taiwan with “Severely,” bringing “Severely” craze in Korea to Taiwan. Their continuing success on music charts and concert ticket sales prove that FT Island is one of the leading Hallyu figures in Taiwan.  

Moreover, “Play! FT Island” is drawing major press and fans’ attention as the hosting company of “Play FT Island” announced that they will provide an open ice-cream bar for members of FT Island. FT Island will enjoy limitless ice cream as well as reunite with their excited Taiwanese fans on May 26.