On the February 6 episode of KBS’s “Mr. House Husband,” Yulhee went with her in-laws and her son to go watch FTISLAND’s performance at “Music Bank in Hong Kong.”

Before the show, the family met with the other FTISLAND members backstage. The members cooed over the baby, but Jae Yul couldn’t recognize his father in full makeup and burst into tears. The members then reminisced about the time that they first met Yulhee.

Lee Hong Ki said, “[Minhwan] first introduced her to us at Jong Hoon’s house. It felt strange at the time. When I first saw her pregnant, I couldn’t get used to it.” He then joked, “I give up on marriage. I think Jong Hoon will get married twice.”

Minhwan said later in an interview with the production staff, “When I told the members that I wanted to marry Yulhee, I hadn’t even settled everything myself yet. I was telling them something that was still in the process of coming together, so I think I was even more flustered. The members had dreams about our future as FTISLAND and I was afraid and sorry that I might get in the way of those dreams.”

Yulhee also shared her own worries, saying, “I know there are many people who didn’t welcome me or Jae Yul, and I wondered what I would do if my presence made them uncomfortable. I think that that was a huge source of stress for me.”

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