FTISLAND‘s Lee Hong Ki wants to avoid talking about CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa on camera.

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on April 1, Lee Hong Ki  receives a question about Jung Yong Hwa, who is in the same company as him.

As the MCs keep comparing him with Jung Yong Hwa, he finally says, “I don’t think I should answer questions related to him. If I do, then people keep talking about us two.”

When the MCs bring up how Jung Yong Hwa guest-starred on “Radio Star” in the past and did an impersonation of Lee Hong Ki, he explains, “He’s doing so because he wants to,” and adds, “CNBLUE has an image created by our company that could be damaged, but since we [FTISLAND] don’t have an image that the company made for us, everything I say gets aired,” making everyone laugh on set.

Other guest stars on this “honest star” episode of “Radio Star” included: Lee Hyun Da, Kim Poong, and Jo PD.

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