FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki tested his relationship with his celebrity friends on an episode of Hackinssa Crew and received different reactions from each friend!

The mission was to send each friend a text that read:

Please don’t ask me why…I’m really desperate right now so could I borrow just 10 million won ($8,337 USD)…

— Lee Hongki

After receiving the message, actor Lee Si Eon cursed at him in response, knowing that it was part of a broadcast.

Now?? Ugh broadcast program again?? A**hole??

ㅡ Lee Si Eon

It as only then that Lee Hongki realized he had asked Lee Si Eon a similar question for last week’s mission! Next was N.Flying‘s Jaehyun, who responded earnestly, offering everything he had even though it was not the full amount Lee Hongki asked for.

Hyung, I have 2.5 million won in my card right now. Would that be okay?

ㅡ N.Flying’s Jaehyun

Lee Hongki was completely touched by actress Kim Sae Ron, who immediately asked for his bank account info without any further questions.

Where should I send it?

ㅡ Kim Sae Ron

He was also deeply moved by the response by BTOB‘s Ilhoon.

I’m sending it now! Hold on!

ㅡ BTOB’s Ilhoon

Finally, singer Lee Seung Gi responded with the most humorous comment, also knowing that the question was for a broadcast program.

Hongki, I’m actually really desperate but can I borrow just 20 million won…Please don’t ask why.

ㅡ Lee Seung Gi

Despite the few jokes his acquaintances made, Hongki was overall extremely satisfied with the responses he received and was thankful to have such great people around him!