Ever wondered what goes into creating not just the songs we’ve grown to love but also their iconic song titles? Well, Twitter user @ygclip put ARMYs to the test by challenging them to come up with alternative song titles to some of their favorite BTS songs.

Here are 10+ of the funniest alternative BTS song titles…

1. “Butter”

2. “Butterfly”

3. “Mic Drop”

4. “Anpanman”

5. “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”

6. “Dimple”


7. “Pied Piper”

| yourlovev/Pinterest

8. “Film Out”

9. “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal”

10. “Your Eyes Tell”

11. “Miss Right”

12. “FIRE”

13. “Fly To My Room”

| jjinception/Tumblr

14. “War of Hormone”