BTS put ARMY and themselves to the test (literally).

As part of their 2-week long celebration event for their 8th anniversary, FESTA, BTS released a “2021 June FESTA Exam.” Both the members themselves and ARMY took the exam. With various questions ranging on topics related to the group and their fandom, they were tested to see how well they really knew each other.

run bts test

Here are 10+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to the exam…

1. The way it went from 0 to 100

2. At least our instructor has given us advice and freedom…

3. BTS 2021 FESTA Exam > Actual academic exam that may determine my future

4. 5 Stages of Grief

5. Knowing we failed like…

6. Final stage of grief: Acceptance

7. Knowing that RM is probably disappointed in us…

8. At least Jin is on our side

9. Not even BTS knows BTS

10. We weren’t the only ones who cheated…

11. Taegi not only cheated together but failed together

12. HopeKook, on the other hand, whatever they did worked

13. Have we ever been so divided?

14. Then there’s always the one who sleeps through the exam…

15. This brilliant idea

Think you’d ace the test? Take it for yourself below: