GOT7‘s BamBam and Jay B (JB) began a workout challenge, competing against each other. Round 1 has officially commenced! To best enjoy the show, we suggest you grab some popcorn, as well as some memes.

Here are 12+ of the funniest Ahgase-created memes inspired by BamBam and Jay B’s workout challenge:

1. It’s all fun and games until Jay B posts his workout progress.

2. Jay B has to have broad shoulders for a reason.

3. BamBam and Jay B fighting like…

4. Sipping on that tea.

5. Work of art.

6. Visual representation of how it all went down.

7. BYOP. ???? Bring your own popcorn.

8. It’s going down.

9. Jackson is here for it.

10. We’re survivors. ????

11. It’s not summer yet!

12. 1-1 Score.