SBS “A Gentleman’s Dignity” surprised many fans with its cast “changing sex.”

A thread was recently posted on an online community board titled “Gentlemen’s Stylish Change of Sex” and has spread like wildfire online.

In the post, captures of the drama’s episodes were photoshopped and the four gentlemen’s faces were either added on their female counterparts’ body or the opposite.

As a result, Kim Soo Ro turned into actress Yoon Se Ah, Kim Min Jong transformed into actress Yoon Jin Yi, while Kim Haneul became Jang Dong Gun and Jang Dong Gun appeared as Kim Haneul.

What is particulary amusing is that although the retouching was obvious, it was well done, leading netizens to approve of the cast’s “change of sex.”

Netizens commented, “‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’s’ change of sex is a hit,” “Look at Kim Soo Ro’s facial epxression, it is indeed hilarious,” “Kim Haneul and Jang Dong Gun’s transformations are the highlight,” and “The cast only changed into females but why is it so funny?’