Former member of f(x) and solo artist, Amber Liu posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram account, remembering her friend, SHINee‘s Jonghyun in honor of his birthday.

amber jonghyun2
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Thank you always, oppa. I remember everything you’ve ever told me, oppa. Thank you.

— Amber Liu

Having debuted just one year apart from each other under SM Entertainment, SHINee and f(x)’s members had trained together and became friends. Amber especially had a special bond with the members, particularly Jonghyun. They were often referred to as siblings. Along with Super Junior‘s Donghae, they were called the “SM Dinosaur Siblings” due to their resemblance to not just one another but to dinosaurs.

amber jonghyun
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Amber and Jonghyun remained good friends throughout the years. They continually supported each other’s endeavors, including their solo debuts.

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While Jonghyun is no longer with us physically, he will forever remain in our hearts.

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