f(x)’s Krystal has been creating buzz recently with her before and after makeup photos – because there’s hardly any difference between the two!

The photos come from a promotional video Krystal filmed for Clean & Clear. In the 1-minute video, Krystal shares her concerns about putting heavy makeup on at such an early age and if it would create any skin problems. She asks for a solution to “become pretty without any skin troubles in the future,” and the answer is obviously to use Clean & Clear lotion.

But what really caught the eyes of netizens was the way she looked before the makeup. Most celebrities go through drastic transformation once they apply makeup, but Krystal has been able to maintain her natural beauty pretty much with or without the makeup. Although the makeup was only meant to make her skin look more natural (she says “It looks so much more natural now” at the end), netizens have been impressed with her “porcelain-like” skin, even without the makeup.

Netizens commented, “I’m confused…she looks equally beautiful in both photos,” “The hair is the only difference,” and “Why is she so hot?!”

Check out the video below!