f(x)’s Luna celebrated her birthday with her close friends and family. On August 13, she wrote on her me2day, “August 12, 2012. I spent such a happy and thankful birthday~ I really want to thank my grandmother, parents, my other half Jin Young unnie, our always striving Chi Soon oppa, my fellow f(x) members and friends who I will always be together; and my fans who always show me so much love. I love you.”

She attached a set of photos with her post. In them, Luna was seen posed in front of three birthday cakes and surrounded by fellow f(x) members. In the photo with her group mates, Luna made a heart with her hands while Amber, Victoria, and Krystal flashed a V-sign.

Netizens commented, “Happy birthday Luna,” “Her smile is so pretty,” “It’s nice to see them so close,” and more.