Soompiers, lets be honest. Do you like your ID photo? Do you try to look away when caught at a DUI checkpoint? Or do you feel confident when your friends ask to see that small rectangular picture?

Well, the members of f(x) didn’t have a choice if they wanted to hide their ID photos or not. It can be considered a disaster if someone else’s ID picture has been leaked, but f(x) has no reason to be embarrassed. To the delight of many fans, some kind netizen has taken the time to gather all the f(x) members’ ID pictures. The combined picture of Victoria, Luna, Amber, Sulli and Krystal are making rounds on the internet for their non-embarrassing photos.

The netizens who ran into the picture left comments full of praises like, “f(x) has flawless faces,” “They’re the best,” “Hurry up and come out with another album~”

In other news, Sulli is currently filming for SBS’s “To The Beautiful You” and it airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55pm. Will you watch tonight’s episode?