On August 30th, behind-the-scenes footage of f(x) on the set of their “Cosmopolitan” photoshoot were released through a ‘making-of’ video!

The ladies can be seen taking on a variety of fun and cute concepts like Luna‘s bright orange hair and Amber‘s slicked back hair.  The styles are a bit out there, but definitely nothing the members of f(x) can’t handle, as they’ve been known for their fashion forward styles since their debut.  As the oldest of the group, Victoria takes on a slightly more elegant style while Krystal goes for a sexy punk rock look, and Sulli charms with her youthful smile. 

“They’re musicians that match the concept of the photoshoot so very well.  There was not a single cut worth throwing away,” praised a designer on set with the girls.

Netizens commented, “f(x) is amazing at whatever they do,” “Krystal has such an aura,” and “The members look like they’re having a lot of fun.”

More photos can be seen through “Cosmopolitan.”