f(x)’s member Sulli talked about the incident where she had a clairvoyant dream and won the lottery. As a teaser, SBS’ “Strong Heart” has given some information about Sulli’s “talk topic.” On the recent recording for “Strong Heart” Sulli had stated, “I am surprised often because my dreams occur” and talked about how she has clairvoyance.

Sulli said, “I saw numbers in my dream and told my mother to buy lottery tickets and we won 100$.”  She also talked about a time when she dreamed about seeing water, Koreans believe that if you have dream associated water it means that you will be lucky. Sulli also had a moment where she was able to avoid danger. Sulli, “There was an incident where I could have been in grave danger, but because of my clairvoyant dream I was able to avoid the incident.”

Sulli’s clairvoyant dream and other “talk topics” will be broadcast on the July 19th episode of Strong Heart.

Source: Kyeongin