Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a screencap of f(x) member Sulli from her days as a child actress. The screencap has caught the attention of Netizens with the title, “Child actress Sulli.” The younger Sulli is just as pretty as she is now. She is wearing a pink dress with a frilly white collar. Her long hair is tied back a bit and she’s got cute, sparkly earrings. Sulli is also giving us a great, but slightly nervous, smile.

Netizens were especially taken by her innocent, fresh look and noted that her looks are unchanging. In 2005, Sulli was chosen to play the part of the young princess Sun Hwa in the SBS drama “Ballad of Seo Dong.”

Netizen comments included, “Just as expected, Sulli was pretty as a child, too,” “Her smile is the same now as then,” “She looks innocent and pure,” and “Sulli is real.” In December of 2011, f(x) sang “1, 2, 3” for the “2011 SMTown Winter” album. Take a listen below.