Recently on an online community forum, a screenshot of facebook conversation among a group of science students showed up with the title, “f(x): Understood Only by Science Students.” The conversation started out with a student’s facebook status saying “Is it true that when f(x) lose a member, they become f'(x) and they become∮f(x)dx when a new members joins the group?”

This humorous status is understanding f(x) as function in mathematics. Another science student commented on this status, “I found something too. f(x) is mathematics, ‘NU ABO‘ is biology, ‘Hot Summer‘ is earth science, and ‘Electric Shock‘ is physics. What kind of a science-oriented idol group is this?” Another commenter added, “Now they only need a chemistry song.”

Netizens commented on this geeky science conversation, “f(x) understood by science nerds? Get outta here!” “As a liberal arts students, I have no idea what they are talking about,” “Do science students really look at f(x) in terms of math and science?” “I knew f(x) means function in math, but didn’t realize their songs had something to do with science, too,” and “f(x) definitely stands out from the rest of idols in a way or two.”