Earlier today, f(x)’s Amber humored her fans by posting a screenshot of her text with labelmate BoA. On October 15, she tweeted, “I woke up at 2 and decided to text boa since its been a while..oh dear keke” and attached the screenshot. 

In the photo, Amber wrote “yo nuna just wanted to text ya saying i miss ya!” to which BoA replied, “Haha don’t say you’re drunk..” Netizens noticed Amber calling BoA “nuna” instead of “unni,” the correct term Amber should have used since she’s a female. They were especially amused with BoA’s reply.

Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “LOL,” “This is so funny,” “Haha love how Amber calls BoA nuna,” “I love BoA’s response,” “Oh Amber,” and more.