F(x)’s Amber and Victoria revealed couple photos taken for the August issue of Nylon magazine. The concept of this photo spread was “Playground Love,” inspired by the OST track of Sofia Coppola’s popular movie, “The Virgin Suicides.” It’s intended to reflect the playful image of a young couple enjoying their night out.

Amber, with her boyish image, dressed in a men’s shirt and jacket, perfecting the looks of a mischievous boy you would find on the streets of London. Victoria, on the other hand, wore a short skirt with wavy locks, befitting her sexy yet adorable style.

The editor who was in charge of the photoshoot said, “Amber was flawless during the whole shooting process, even with men’s cloth on,” adding Amber would be his favorite for the future fashionista title. Amber’s clothes were sponsored by G by Guess, a newly launched menswear and unisex line.

Also, the staff told the press that f(x), despite their busy schedule, looked very energetic and excited, trying to create a friendly atmosphere during the whole photoshoot.

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Source: Newsen