Amber, from girl group f(x), gave her fellow member Krystal a very special and meaningful customized birthday card greeting.

October 24 is Krystal’s birthday and she is now 18 in the western world, 19 in Korea. On this day, Amber posted the birthday card on her twitter for all the world to see. She included the caption, “Congratulations to our princess. Happy Krystal day.”

The masterpiece shows Krystal and Amber photoshopped on a maiden and her beloved sheep. Their couple name KryBer is also imprinted in the picture, to the delight of many fans cheering for this couple.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Did Amber herself do the photoshopping?” “She’s got wit,” “Happy birthday, Krystal,” “Happy Krystal day.”

Soompiers, do you think Amber created this lovely artwork? You can go to the group’s forum page and send her birthday greetings!