F(x)’s Krystal lost consciousness for a while immediately after delivering one of the most inspiring performances on this week’s SBS “Kiss & Cry.”

The concept of this week’s episode was movie OSTs. For their performance, Krystal and her partner Lee Dong Hoon picked an OST track from blockbuster movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

After winning the top prize with impressive lifts in previous performances, the couple once again stunned the judging panel and fans with a mix of difficult lifts and fancy steps, as well as perfect portrayals of two lovers from the movie.

But as the 2-minute performance went on, both skaters started showing signs of fatigue, especially following two straight lifts at the end. And later, immediately after the song was over, Krystal fell to the ground appearing to lose consciousness for a moment. As a result, she was carried off the ice and Lee Dong Hoon showed up by himself for the final judging panel, who gave the couple a strong 36.6 total points (all four judges gave 9+ points).

Later, Krystal confessed that she skipped lunch because she didn’t feel that well that day, which directly affected her performance on ice. Wonder how it affected her performance? Here’s the video of their jaw-dropping performance, so see it for yourself!

Source: Financial News