Over the past weekend, Krystal went down memory lane, sharing old photos of herself with fellow f(x) members on her me2day. On October 12, she began with a photo of herself with Victoria, writing, “Pretty old photo..Try finding what the point of this photo is hehehe.” The following day, she posted another photo, this time with Amber and Sulli. Krystal commented, “This is an even older photo…When I was eating up Thulli [Sulli].” On October 14, she shared another photo of herself with Luna, writing, “This is the oldest photo haha Feeling great in New York! So we took a lot of selcas.” 

Netizens commented, “Loving these photos! Can you share more?” “You guys look so close with each other,” “It’s great seeing how all the members are so close with one another,” “Awww this is great!” “These girls obviously love taking selcas,” and more.