Luna and Amber members of girl group f(x) revealed a few fun selcas.

Luna posted a couple of photos to her me2day account on August 26th followed by the caption, “Amber unni and I are bold sharing our bare-faces!  We took these photos after eating steamed red buns, click!  Amber is a cute Koala unni, we hope to have a strong Jeju Island performance, wish us well.”

Amber and Luna playfully posed for the photos with comical expressions.  Amber took a strand of Luna’s hair making a faux-mustache causing the two to laugh.  Even without being made-up the two showed that they didn’t look any different, as they were still very attractive.

Netizens commented on their photos saying, “You are just as pretty with your bare face.”, “I thought that you were wearing make-up”, and “Luna and Amber are cute.  Good luck for your Jeju Island performance.”, “You both look great.  I will look forward to your future activities.”