f(x)’s Luna shared a photo taken with a famous transgender model, showcasing her large network of friends.

On March 15, f(x)’s vocalist shared the photo with a message that read, “With Han Bit unni and the ‘Go Bong Shil’ staff oppas in the back~Also with the extra oppa, all four of us together snap~ ♥ Heehee We were enjoying today’s weather while filming and got together like a big family. The weather’s awesome!~~ ♥”

In the photo, Luna is seen hugging Choi Han Bit, one of the most famous transgender models in Korea. Fans have been particularly impressed by Luna’s beautiful smile in the glowing sun. Also, Choi Han Bit looks as sweet as Luna in the photo, leaving a strong impression on the fans who didn’t know much about the model.

Luna is currently starring as In Young on TV Chosun’s weekend drama “Saving Go Bong Shil.”