On April 27, f(x)‘s Sulli was spotted in the audience of M.net “The Voice of Korea.” Along with her, Amber and Luna were caught on camera watching the performances. It is being said that they were there to cheer on Kangta, they are all a part of SM Entertainment.

Sulli sat in the audience looking sophisticated with her long, straight hair. A close-up of her face, which looked like it barely had any makeup on it, showed off her smooth and porcelain-like skin. Her pure and innocent image was accentuated more with her brilliant skin, which brought much compliments from netizens.

Netizens who watched the show said, “Sulli is definitely the beauty of the group,” “She is overflowing with innocent beauty,” and “I wish f(x) makes a comeback soon.”

Watch Sulli in the video below. She can be seen around 0:05:10 and 0:27:55.