f(x)‘s Sulli recently made a post on her me2day with a self-taken shot of herself with no-makeup and her long hair flowing over her shoulders. Sulli’s youthful, innocent beauty still shone through her long tresses to the delight of her fans. 

In fact, netizens were over the moon with the sweet, natural photo of Sulli in her untouched-up state. Up until recently, Sulli had sported a short cut for her drama “To the Beautiful You.” As such, it was a surprise for them to see her with long hair. 

Netizens left comments such as, “Is that really your natural hair? I think long hair suits you best”, “I do remember you sporting a shorter haircut once and it was adorable!”, “I feel as if you carry a different air of refinement about you with longer hair” and “Wow, are those extensions?”