“My Sassy Girl 2” has now premiered in China, and Chinese news outlet Sina Entertainment conducted an interview with female lead f(x)’s Victoria on how she feels about being the star of the film.

According to the interview, Victoria revealed why she chose to film “My Sassy Girl 2” saying, “I liked the story. It fit well with me and I believed it was a good chance for me. It was different from the original ‘My Sassy Girl,’ so I had to think of ways to express the character differently. It didn’t stress me out, though.”

Victoria then went on to say, “[Jun Ji Hyun’s effect] on the movie is a big pressure for me. This is my first movie and it’s one that Jun Ji Hyun previously starred in. Of course I’m going to feel the pressure. However, this is a new step for me. I believe I have the strength to overcome [the pressure].”

“My Sassy Girl 2” starring Cha Tae Hyun and Victoria premiered in China on April 22, and will premiere in Korea on May 5.

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