Victoria of girl group f(x) shows off her doll-like beauty.

On August 26th via her me2day Victoria wrote, “Today is Jeju.   See you later.”  Along with her post Victoria uploaded the following photo as well.

In the photo Victoria is seen cutely posing for the camera as she rested her chin on her hand and with the other hand held up the camera.  Her large, doe-like eyes and porcelain white skin were the focus of the image.  In the photo her flawless beauty shone through giving the impression that she was a doll, thus the picture caught the attention of netizens.

Here are some of the reactions netizens had over Victoria’s picture: “You are so perfect, that in your photo you look unrealistic.  You are great a dancing and sing as well.”, “Are you a doll?”, and “I’m not a doll.  I wish I were though.  You’re beautiful.”