“Fashionista” Seo Taiji and G. Dragon wore the same shirt, grabbing the attention of many Netizens.

On the 30th, on one online bulletin, there was a post named “Seo Taiji and Kwon Jiyoung’s same shirt, different feel.”

Seo Taiji wore the shirt on MBC’s Seo Taiji Comeback special, “Bookgong High 1st Year 1st Class Number 25 Seo Taiji,” and G-Dragon wore the shirt on MBC’s “Come to Play.”

Seo Taiji pulled off the look with long hair, an outlined pair of glasses, and a pair of dark pants that created a calm styled look.  On the other hand, G-Dragon wore the shirt with a golden colored necklace and a bright colored pair of pants, creating a casual yet fun look.

People that saw the picture exclaimed, “G-Dragon pulled of this popular look off nicely!” “Wow. Not counting Seo Taiji’s age and when that show was aired, it’s really amazing how he predicts the most popular styles.”, “Two fashionistas, same shirt?! I am really curious to where they got that shirt.”, “The two of them are so cool!”

In case you don’t know already, “Fashionista” is a Korean slang word for a person that dresses exceptionally fasionably, often to the currently popular style.