The BFF-dom that is ruled by Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang is well-known by fans with the two constantly referencing each other on Twitter, making cameos in their respective solo efforts, or making joint appearances.  Just to name a few, see: CL’s music video for “The Baddest Female,” G-Dragon wishes Taeyang a happy birthday, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung frolic under the cherry blossoms, G-Dragon and Taeyang in London, Taeyang and G-Dragon in Vogue, Taeyang and G-Dragon in LA, Taeyang and G-Dragon in Singapore, G-Dragon’s “One of A Kind” featuring Taeyang, and Taeyang’s “You’re My/I Need a Girl” featuring G-Dragon.

This week, G-Dragon and Taeyang added another chapter to that book. 

On July 8, G-Dragon posted a photograph of Taeyang on his Instagram account with the caption: “My stylish older brother” #taeyang#teydaddy.  In the photograph, the usually handsome Taeyang was transformed into a blond bearded lady complete with a black headband and huge sunglasses.


On July 9, Taeyang responded on Twitter by posting a photograph (perhaps aided by a fan named Komane Sora?) with the caption: “Pure [innocent] Ji Yong” #revenge.  In this photograph, G-Dragon is also transformed with long blond hair, big sunglasses, and a handlebar mustache.