On September 2, G-Dragon greeted his fans through the Naver V app and showed a more relaxed and approachable side of himself.

For this broadcast G-Dragon basically just relaxes and gives a sneak peek into his daily life. He wears a yellow knit sweater and converses with his fans in a very comfortable manner.

During the broadcast, he says, “If I have a girlfriend, I have a lot of aegyo,” and attacks the fans with his cuteness. He also lets fans have a virtual date with him as he stares into the camera and acts like a boyfriend. He films the broadcast like he’s on a video call with them and is very caring and sweet towards them.

g-dragon naver v

g-dragon naver v 2

When the time comes to have one-on-one calls with some lucky fans, he makes them smile by being very real and not following a script. When G-Dragon realizes that the first caller is a fanboy, he is caught off guard but it makes his fans enjoy it even more.

If G-Dragon were your boyfriend, what would your ideal date be?

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