Big Bang‘s G-Dragon revealed his musical principle at the press conference of “Big Big ALIVE Galaxy Tour: The Final.” He said, “I think that Korean music is often limited to and localized in a certain genre. So when I write songs, I try not to limit myself to the popular appeal.”  

G-Dragon seemed rather worried about the fast pace of musical consumption in Korea. He explained, “I tend to listen to music from different genres for longer period of time than I do with easy-to-consume K-pop that’s more monolithic in genre. I wish K-Pop would stop following popular trends so hastily and go back to its roots, where it was producing memories as well as music. I feel like the music industry in Korea is more restricted in its variety than that of other countries.” 

Netizens commented on G-Dragon’s opinions, “I think he has a point,” “This is so true. There are less songs that last long,” and “I hope G-Dragon’s statement affects the music industry even just a little bit.”