Big Bang’s G-Dragon revealed a photo of himself that proves his unique, polished fashion sense and his good looks. On August 27, he wrote on his twitter, “Goodbye Japan!” Along with the tweet, he attached a picture.

In the photo, G-Dragon is looking at the camera with a cute smile on his face. He has on his sunglasses while his golden blonde hair shines in the sunlight. With the sunlight on his face, it almost seems like he is captured in a drawing rather than a photograph. He especially gained much attention for showing off his sharp jawline and his good looks.

Netizens who saw the picture said: “His chin is so sharp. He needs to gain some weight,” “His popularity in Japan is no joke..He’s amazing,” and “G-Dragon, your ability to absorb any fashion is truly amazing. Even when you had pink hair. You could be a model.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is gaining explosive responses after releasing the music video for the song, “One of a Kind,” off his comeback album. He unveiled the video through the YG homepage and official YouTube channel on August 25.