G-Dragon shared a colorful photo taken for this month’s GQ Magazine. On October 19, G-Dragon wrote on his Twitter, “GQ KOREA with AMBUSH X G-DRAGON in November,” alongside a photo of him holding “Screw It” accessories designed by Japanese fashion brand, Ambush.

In the photo, G-Dragon is holding giant screws specially designed for GD himself by Ambush. The screws, in fact, were used in GD’s “Crayon” music video, alongside other accessories designed under the Ambush X G-Dragon “Screw It” collaboration.

In case you haven’t seen it, GD and Ambush worked together for a special accessory line this year. The “Screw It” pieces were created in celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday and the release of his new album, “One of a Kind.” There are a total of eight big pendants and 88 sets of small pendants for this package (8 is G-Dragon’s favorite number).

To learn more about the “Screw It” collection, go to Ambush’s page here!