A snapshot of G-Dragon smiling like a proud father has been released.

The Big Bang leader was seen unable to take his eyes off of a toddler on the set for a beverage commercial.

The picture seen below shows G-Dragon’s glossy gaze upon the toddler who was only wearing a diaper and bowtie.

The concept behind the new commercial is “baby and G-Dragon.” There is a scene where the singer/rapper is holding hands with the baby while adoringly looking at the cute child.

Also on set, the baby, disregarding his own baby bottle, was seen doing a little “diaper dance,” in front of G-Dragon in hopes to win his drink. Of course G-Dragon couldn’t get enough of his cuteness and was seen smiling like a doting father.

After filming was done, G-Dragon said, “…there was a time when I was a baby I loved dancing the “diaper dance,” in front of people… I wouldn’t be surprised if in the the future this baby surpasses Big Bang and becomes an amazing dancer,” according to sources.

The beverage commercial with G-Dragon and baby is scheduled to be released on the Internet on June 10th.

gdragon daddy smile