BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon attended the press conference of his “PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage” art exhibit on June 8 and spoke of fashion, women, music, and more.

G-Dragon began, “I bet many people were surprised and curious when I announced that I would be holding an art exhibit. I am a musician, and while I was working in the music industry, I came to realize some things brought on by collaborating with different artists. We were able to mend each other’s flaws by working together, ending up with good results.”

He continued, “By working with different artists, I wanted to take this chance so that contemporary art can be more widely spread. I hope the general public can be introduced to and approach these great artists and their works through me.”

“I still don’t know what art is that well myself, but I have many fantasies about it. Same goes with fashion, women, and music. I love seeing pretty and cool things; that’s how I got started with this art exhibit. I had fun working on this, so I hope the audience has fun looking at it, too.”

Elle Korea posted some photos of the press conference on their Facebook:

g-dragon art exhibit

In addition to the previous trailer for this art exhibit, G-Dragon recently released a second teaser which you can watch below!

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s “PEACEMINUSONE” Beyond the Stage” art exhibit will be held on June 9 through August 23 in Seoul Museum of Art.

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