Big Bang‘s G-Dragon has been in the center of a controversy because of one of his recent tweets.

On August 11, G-Dragon tweeted a picture along with the caption, “$$$$$ Money flower is blooming.”

The picture G-Dragon tweeted shows an origami money flower made of 50,000 won and 10,000 won bills. The creation was used  as prop in the music video for his upcoming solo album. The controversy sparked because money was used for a creation and it appeared that G-Dragon was flaunting and showing off that he was wealthy through the caption he tweeted.

While netizens haven’t determined whether the bills  were real or fake, some claimed that this was another proof of G-Dragon’s lack of moral while others defended him and praised his creativity, “What with the controversy, I fail to see the issue with G-Dragon’s money flower since it’s a prop anyway,” “Controversy? It could be fake bills too,” “It’s a work of art.”