G-Dragon revealed in an interview with GQ Korea his aspiration to one day launch his own fashion accessory brand.

In the interview to be published in the November issue of GQ Korea, G-Dragon said, “(Watching Verbal and Ambush) made me think it’s a good thing for a musician to own his own (fashion accessory) brand. It’s something I want to do in the future as well, so I asked Verbal a lot about it when we first met.”

He also explained the reason for using red, white, and blue colored bolts for the cover photo, which he first revealed through his own Twitter last week. “I like big necklaces and bolt accessories, and since I’m Korean and Verbal is also Korean-Japanese, I gave a Korean flag theme to it,” he explained.

Verbal is the rapper from Japanese hip hop duo, m-flo. He’s also the art director for Ambush, the Japanese accessory brand, which was also featured in G-Dragon’s “Crayon” music video. Last month, G-Dragon and Ambush collaborated for the launch of “AMBUSH X GD SPECIAL EDITION.”