G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, shared his feelings after watching an episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.”

On October 23, he expressed his thoughts on his twitter at the break of dawn. He posted “What is happiness? Our Big Bang members need ‘,’ (a comma) too.. good friends and good memories. Everyone, have a good night please.”

He previously tweeted PD Kim Tae Ho (the producer behind “Infinity Challenge”) “I’ve constantly been out of the country so I just got to see ‘the comma’ special. Love it. It somehow made me think a lot. To the hyungs, PD and staff, everyone fighting! ‘Infinity Challenge’ forever.”

G-Dragon has most recently participated in an episode of “Infinity Challenge” as a special guest. He acted as a rookie in a company and had a great time filming with the regular members.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is currently enjoying immense popularity promoting his title track “Crayon.” He’s also busy participating in Big Bang’s world tour.

Soompiers, which idols do you think need to rest right now?