B.A.P‘s leader Bang Yong Gook and sexy diva G.NA recently displayed their sizzling chemistry through a collaboration performance.

On October 11, M.net aired the “One Asia Tour 2012 M.Countdown Smile Thailand” concert. Top artists such as Super Junior, Kara, Infinite, BEAST, Secret, FT Island, SISTAR, T-ara and others performed during this concert. B.A.P also performed in Thailand for the first time since their debut. Afterwards, leader Bang Yong Gook and G.NA shared a collaboration stage, which is becoming a hot topic.

Many fans have been anticipating this collaboration as soon as the news was previously out. G.NA performed her hit, “2HOT” while Bang Yong Gook performed a rap part, which he wrote himself, creating a new and strong version of the track.

Bang Yong Gook, loved for his manly and charismatic charms, showed off his sexy side while performing with G.NA. Fans were screaming as they saw Bang Yong Gook and G.NA huddle up close together on stage.

Fans who saw this performance commented, “This is my man’s business,” “Bang Yong Gook was always so shy around girls but seeing him be like that makes my heart race,” “Yong Gook oppa shaking his butt is so cute,” and more.

Meanwhile, B.A.P is currently preparing for a new album and will attend “K-CON 2012” in California on October 13.