G.NA recently sang for “The Thousandth Man” OST and a couple of untouched photos of her recording session have been released.

G.NA is seen sporting a bottomless fashion with minimal makeup. Despite the simplicity of her outfit with a black t-shirt and short denim shorts, G.NA’s perfect body could not be hidden. The photos haven’t been touched but G.NA’s long legs and perfect body proportions amazed netizens and fans.

G.NA’s track is titled “Tell Me Now,” and it highlights her strong vocals with a sad melody. Other tracks from “The Thousandth Man” OST include B1A4‘s “Hey Girl” and Goo Ja Myung‘s “Only You,” which are both enjoying high ranks on music charts.

Netizens who came across these photos commented: “That is a mannequin,” “Her legs cannot be hidden,” “She is not a person,” “Is it really untouched? Shocked!” and more.

Check out G.NA’s “Tell Me Now” below: