G.NA was given a warning for her deteriorating health condition. On the August 8 episode of KBS “Vitamin,” G.NA was picked as the #1 celebrity in danger of damaging her health balance. Her pick was particularly surprising since G.NA has made her name for her healthy and sexy image.

“G.NA has very low blood sugar level. Since she’s vastly underweight, she needs to add about 10.5 kg. More than anything, it’s important for her to not skip any meals,” the doctor on the show advised. G.NA’s health condition turned out to be that of a 28 year old body, four years older than her real age.

G.NA responded, “Instead of having a healthy meal, I’ve become more accustomed to having junk food, such as fried food, jelly, or bread. As I tried to quit these products, I just ended up not eating all that much, and I think that’s why I lost so much weight.”