On October 18 at 10am, Ga In revealed a special video clip through LOEN Music‘s official YouTube channel, LOEN TV. In this segment titled “Ga In’s ASK IN A BOX,” Ga In answered questions from fans regarding her second solo album. These questions were submitted through LOEN Music’s official facebook page since October 8. 

In the revealed video, Ga In answered various questions from fans. When asked “If you were to bloom as a flower, what kind of flower would you want to be?” She answered wittily, “Cactus flower.” During this questionnaire interview, she picked pole-dancing as the most difficult aspect of her new music video. Fans also asked Ga In more insightful questions like, “What is the difference between a girl and a woman?” Ga In referred to her song “Bloom” to answer this question. She said, “You’ll learn the difference from my song ‘Bloom.’ It’s the same difference between before and after blooming.” 

LOEN Entertainment stated, “We hope that LOEN TV’s ‘Ga In’s ASK IN A BOX’ provided an opportunity for fans to learn more about Ga In. She is very happy to have had this chance to communicate with her fans.” 

More details about the interview and the full clip of “Ga In’s ASK IN A BOX” is available on LOEN Music’s official YouTube channel and Melon Music.