Gaeko reveals how difficult it was to get Ye Eun to feature on his new solo album.

On October 15, Gaeko held an exhibition to display his new solo album “REDINGRAY” in a theater in Seoul. He revealed the episode of how he got Ye Eun to feature in his song “No Makeup.”

“I was shocked after listening to Ye Eun’s solo album,” Gaeko stated. “After being in Wonder Girls, Ye Eun found her own identity and enforced her musical colors on the album. I was impressed and I really wanted to work with her.”

He continued, “I sent Park Jin Young a text message saying that I wanted to work with her, but he didn’t read it, and when I called him, he didn’t answer. So I asked someone I know to personally get in touch with her. I asked her if she was interested in featuring, and she readily agreed. She also featured in the music video, and I enjoyed working with her. “

Gaeko concluded, “Of course I got in touch with Park Jin Young later on.”

Gaeko’s solo album, “REDINGRAY,” recently dropped on October 16 online and October 17 offline.