Brown Eyed Girls member and soloist Ga In, who is also a preliminary judge on the latest season of “Superstar K,” voiced her frustration over the editing on the show.

On September 4, Ga In posted a picture on her personal Instagram, with a caption that read, “I said ‘pass’ but why was it broadcast as a ‘fail?’ Don’t hate me. I really didn’t say it like that. Really. #DevilsEditing,” further adding, “I knew it would come one day. Hello? Welcome!”

On the September 3 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Superstar K7,” Ga In caught the attention of the viewers for a completely different reaction from the other judges. To the contestant Kim Bo Ra, she was broadcast as saying, “Your singing is too much,” while to contestant Lim Ye Song, she was seen saying, “Your voice is so nasally, I can’t hear the nice lyrics.”

However, other judges on the panel such as Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Bum Soo were seen giving positive feedback. After the broadcast, viewers criticized her harsh remarks, saying “Ga In’s expressions were so rude,” “it’s only the preliminary round, why is she so tough?” and “she’s too harsh to female contestants.”

To such reactions, Ga In has stepped up to clarify herself, claiming the show has used the “devil’s editing” tactics to skew what actually happened and create tension.

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