On August 22, the “Five Fingers” drama production announced that currently airing KBS hit drama “Bridal Mask” star Jin Se Yeon will be taking on the female lead lead role of Hong Da Mi in new drama “Five Fingers.”

After the announcement on August 21 that T-ara member Eunjung would be dropping out of the female lead role for the SBS weekend drama “Five Fingers,” both the “Five Fingers” drama production and T-ara Eunjung’s own entertainment agency Core Contents Media expressed surprise and shock at the decision.

On August 21, the “Five Fingers” drama production announced that with T-ara’s Eunjung’s departure from the drama, an emergency meeting was held, and a decision was made to find a replacement for the role.  On August 22, according to a representative of the drama, the  “Five Fingers” drama production was in the midst of considering actress Jin Se Yeon who plays the female lead in drama “Bridal Mask” for the female lead role of Hong Da Mi in drama “Five Fingers.”  It was announced later in the day that actress Jin Se Yeon would take on the role and that her first shooting would be scheduled for August 23.

Actress Jin Se Yeon was little known and had acted in only three dramas before landing the female lead role of Oh Mok Dan who is the love interest of a masked crusader called Bridal Mask (Gaksital) played by hot actor Joo Won in drama “Bridal Mask.”  But, with drama “Gaksital” being the number one drama in the Wednesday-Thursday dramas ratings race, her star cache has quickly risen as well.

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