Happy birthday to SHINee’s Lee Taemin! On July 18 the singer celebrated his 20th birthday (21 in Korean age). To celebrate the talented dancer and one of K-pop’s best cross dressers, here are twenty (or so) pictures of this handsome maknae. Through the pictures you will be able to see Taemin grow from young rookie to handsome Taeman.


This is one of the Taemin’s most famous baby pictures. Look at that hair! He already looks like a celebrity

Taemin auditioned for SM Entertainment at a young age, but even back then he showed his potential with his smooth dance moves and adorable face.


Taemin made his debut as the youngest member of SHINee in 2008 with the song “Replay.” 


Taemin became a Romeo for SHINee’s “Juliet.” 


SHINee’s popularity exploded with their 2009 song, “Ring Ding Dong.” 


Taemin made all the noonas go crazy when he pulled off the long hair style with “Lucifer.” 


Taemin’s perm also became a popular hairstyle he was recognized for. 


Taemin’s paring with fellow member Minho is a popular OTP for SHINee fans. 


Along with fellow member Key and Onew, Taemin was in a travel photo book about Barcelona, Spain. 


With his good looks, it was no wonder he began to model in many magazine photo shoots.


Taemin tried his hand at voice acting for an animated movie.


After a long hiatus, SHINee made a comeback with “Sherlock,” and Taemin surprised fans by having the long hair again.


Taemin had a cameo in Minho’s drama “Salamander Guru.” Is that how Taemin will look when he’s old?


The theme for “Dream Girl” was funky and retro. 


SHINee also has great popularity in Japan. This picture was for “1000 Years,” their first Japanese ballad single. 


Taemin and the other members of SHINee went on separate vacations for “One Fine Day.” Taemin chose to go to Switzerland so he could go sky diving. 


SHINee’s last promotional song was “Why So Serious?” 


Taemin recently made an appearance on the drama “Cyrano: Dating Agency” as a lovelorn idol high school student. 


Taemin showed that he was now Taeman in his coming of age photo shoot. 


Taemin is virtually married to A Pink‘s Son Na Eun on the popular variety show “We Got Married.” 

For his birthday he left a message for his fans, thanking them for supporting him for all these years.

Happy Birthday Taemin!