G-Dragon: Fashion Leader?

It’s no secret that Korea has its own handful of stunning celebrities who always look gorgeous from head to toe. Whether it’s trendy groups like SNSD and 2NE1 or sexy solo stars like Lee Hyori, Son Dambi and G-Dragon, these celebrities are always known to look fashionable no matter what. Wait, what? SNSD, 2NE1, Lee Hyori, Son Dambi…and G-Dragon?! That’s right. It’s no longer female celebrities that are seen as style icons. Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon has made quite a name for himself, emerging as the fashionista in today’s K-pop world.

No matter what G-Dragon wears, it’s sure to become a trend the very next day. His style includes the hottest dunks, a million and one pairs of sunglasses and some skinny skinny jeans. And that’s him being safe. Then, there’s G-Dragon in his ripped black pants, funky headbands and crazy jackets.

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G-Dragon is now known as a male fashionista in K-Pop entertainment. Some agree that his style is hot, unique and ever changing. Others think he goes overboard and looks quite ridiculous. So, what’s your opinion? Should G-Dragon keep his title as fashionista or should we just leave that job to the ladies?